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Spiritiv is here!

The Story Behind Spiritiv

Welcome to our brand new website..
spiritiv is the home for  starting your plastic free lifestyle.

By Brian Oliver

Today we announce the opening of our brand new website –

After months of hard work we can finally open the doors to everybody looking to start their plastic free journey!

As I write this over a cup of coffee I can look back on the hard work it has taken to get to this stage.

It started with family concerns, watching the news and seeing what was happening around us. And after making some easy lifestyle changes and choices, we are now at the stage where we can offer plastic free alternatives to homes in the UK so others can do the same.

“It started with a lifestyle change, and led to spiritiv being created!  We are very proud of what we have achieved so far, and we are excited by where we can go just by helping others reduce their use of plastic”

We started first selling our beeswax wraps exclusively on Amazon UK in Summer 2019 – but after a few moths of hard work,  and  plenty of learning – we now have the ability to sell all of our products online through our own web shop!
Our first products are:

– Beeswax wraps – a sustainable alternative to clingfilm , tinfoil and plastic tubs.

Our wraps are ethically produced with organic cotton, printed with vegetable based inks and infused with natural beeswax, jojoba oil (weirdly pronounced  HoHoBa ! ) and naturally occuring pine resin.

The Jojoba and pine resin help to give the wrap its tacky nature, so a seal can be formed around the food item. While the beeswax is waterproof, but breathable – making it ideal for wrapping sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, bread, part used items, covering bowls and many more uses.

reusable sandwich wrap

Our bamboo straws were created after learning that plastic straws were a man made disaster of epic scale.
Plastic straws are used and disposed of up to 8 billion times per year. They are damaging to marine life, and basically never breakdown! When they do they can turn into billions of tiny micro plastic particles, which can end up in the food chain.

spiritiv reusable bamboo straws for drinking

Spiritiv’s cotton produce bags are a joy! Using them is like going back in time to a more sensible time when your food wasn’t all wrapped up in unnecessary plastic wrap.

Potatoes have their own protective covering for goodness sake!!

You can easily pop them in your bag or pocket – they take up no space really whatsoever… then spring into action at  your local shop and use the bags to weigh out your produce directly into! Simple!

No more planet killing supermarket plastic.

Then you can wash the items whilst its still in the bag, when dry can be stored directly in th efridge or cupboard. The breathable design means no more sweaty fruit and vegetables – just as nature intended.

reusable cotton produce bags

We are so excited about the opening of our new website, and we hope you are too.
We have put together a starter pack of eco products so you can start off with a bang going with cutting down on single use plastics.
You can check it out here:

(Would make a perfect gift)

Thanks for reading, and please let us know how you get on starting out ditching single use plastics.

Join our plastic free challenge!

Learn how to quickly ditch the plastic in our week long  – FREE – community challenge.

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