Welcome to the Spiritiv family

spiritiv family

My name is Brian, and I am the founder of spiritiv along with my two daughters.

As a family we were always conscious about how the lifestyle we lead had an impact on the environment, however we felt the global problem was just too big for us to make any difference!
I eventually came to realise that we cannot change the world on our own.
However if each one of us made just a few minor changes, when multiplied, this can have an encouraging,  compounding effect on the health of our planet.

Trying to reduce the amount of single use plastics was our first small step.

We changed our habits, and looked at sustainable alternatives.

Clingfilm, is a huge problem it ends up as landfill, and litter on land or in the world’s oceans.  We researched alternatives and found about a method using cotton infused with beeswax, and jojoba oil, which was first used by the ancient Egyptians.
The beeswax wax has anti-microbial properties too – which means less food wastage too!

We wanted to be able to bring an ethical affordable product to UK homes.

With a lot of energy, passion and excitement, we started our spiritiv journey and brought our first product to market in Spring 2019- the FlutterBuzz Beeswax Wrap

We now have a number of products in our store, and are looking at developing many more over the coming months. 

We encourage any comments and feedback. Also we are actively looking at ideas for new products – please get in touch using the live chat, or the contact  page.

Thank you for supporting our small family business.

Please take a look around our website and perhaps pick up an eco product or two.

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Thanks again for shopping with us!

– On behalf of the Spiritiv family