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7 Day Plastic Free Challenge

Here at spiritiv we have started an initiative to  challenge ourselves to remove single use plastic from our daily lives.

We are all human, and we cannot change the world on our own. Nor can we completely change how we live overnight.

However we can all easily make some small changes, which , with encouragement can lead to great things.

this is why we came up with the 7 day plastic free challenge.

Ditch the plastic with JUST ONE Simple Change a Day

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Plastic doesn’t  bio-degrade  and causes havoc with our planet – the oceans and it’s wildlife.
Also, all that plastic, micro plastic, eventually ends up in the food chain – we are consuming plastic! 

It is in the soil we grow or crops in, and can be transferred to the meat, fish and produce that we eat.

We Living in the Plastic Age

History is defined by the materials and tools of the era humans left behind. Such as the iron age and the bronze age!
If our descendants do survive, the material that defines our era, is plastic. 

Archaeologists will be pulling it out of the ground for centuries…

This is why we have come up with the 7 Day Plastic Free Challenge!

Designed for anybody – but especially kind to newcomers to the movement. We send you 7 easy ideas over the course of 7 days!

It is a chance to have fun, get the family involved. And there are a few amazing prizes to pick up along the way!
We also have a fun community aspect of the challenge – where you can chat and share stories, and help each other.

Can you make one small change a day?

go plastic free spiritiv challenge

Just enter your email below, and your first days challenge will be sent straight through to you.

Ditch the plastic with JUST ONE Simple Change a Day

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